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Recent Works

Website & Revenue Optimization

Those familiar with A/B Testing for website and revenue optimization are also familiar with its pitfalls; lengthy process and rigid beginning/ending, high traffic requirements, and slow detection of optimal design/pricing to name a few.

Reinforcement learning (RL) algorithms require a much lower volume to detect differences, and once detected automatically implements the optimal design/pricing strategies. RL is also a continuous process so when new designs and pricing ideas come up you can test them immediately without having to wait for a previous experiment to finish.

Dockerizing the Agile DS 2.0 Environment

Too often data scientists go weeks, or even months, without showing tangible progress to operators and decision-makers that they can interact with.

Agile Data Science 2.0 by Russell Jurney offers a methodology for Full Stack Data Analytics that embraces continuous deployment so the stakeholders can continuously provide feedback and direction. Dockerizing the environment makes it robust and allows it to be quickly deployed.

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The right strategy applied at the wrong time is the wrong strategy.

How is it that in the Information Age it’s easier to get lost in data and harder to decide where to focus resources? Resolving this challenge in the full-contact space of business is why I became a data scientist. And knowing that data science only adds value when the generated insights and automation can be leveraged by non-data scientists is why I emphasize on Full Stack development.

Additionally, I feel a disservice has been done with the obsession over “big data.” The tech behemoths may have big data, but most businesses don’t. What’s not often shared is that you don’t need big data to benefit from the data revolution, just quality data. I specialize in small to midsized datasets, allowing me to help those businesses that have been overlooked by other data scientists.


The Most Requested Offerings

Predictive Modeling

Classification, regression, forecasting, and reinforcement learning for small-large datasets.

Dashboards & Reports

Multi-page, user-specific, interactive dashboards, and custom automated reporting.

Design & Development

Architecture and coding for data-capture forms, databases, and model supported tools.


All of the results from design & development, dashboards, and modeling deployed live for you.


Here are tools built for other clients and a demo to get the imagination thinking about ways of leveraging your data to increase revenue and decrease cost.

  • Upload an Excel spreadsheet with thousands of records to determine the risk of high repair costs in seconds, and download the table data if further parsing is desired.

    Save Time

    Automate processes that require sifting through and analyzing lots of data.

  • Display essential stock data and trends to improve the profitability of income generating option selling strategies.

    Increase Profit

    Identify trends and forecast revenue, expenses, and resource usage.

  • Enter different values to see how the unique combination of factors for a person impacts the probability they earn more than $50,000 per year.


    Get hands on with an app by playing with inputs and predicting probabilities.

What clients are saying

Our Clients
Brian Curtice, VP of Data Science

The data app Josh built for us was a complete game-changer, making our lives better in ways we never even considered. Freeing me of six+ hours/week of work was great by itself, and the app not only revealed areas for improvement but caused us to rethink our process which resulted in bringing resolution times to less than 1 minute by putting the capability of making changes in the appropriate people's hands. Once we began using the app there was no going back!

Our Clients
Tyler Hall, Founder & CEO

Josh is a great human and a true full-stack data scientist, looking at things through a unique lens. We had a very specific project with an aggressive timeline that was attached to a 6 figure contract. Knowing this, Josh ramped up quickly and took action, creating a fully working front end portal for us to run our data models through in just a matter of weeks. The client was floored at the result. His contributions were paramount to our success.